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Innovation: the suitcase that’s also a chair


It may come in useful when standing in line at airports



A four-wheeled suitcase developed by US firm neXstep Luggage has a pull-out handle that can be taken out and unfolded into a chair. This will come in very useful, the innovative manufacturer says, when standing in line at busy airports.

The backless chair has a piece of fabric suspended as a seat, like a camping stool. But at least owners will be able to take the weight off their feet during inevitable travel queues. The seat can also be a luggage rack when packing or unpacking the suitcase.

The convertible handle was first developed in 2009 and given US patent protection in 2012. Now it has been put on the ideas website Kickstarter with hopes to raise $120,400 (€94,000) by November 24. That could put the suitcases, which come in two sizes, in the shops by April 2015.

Made from carbon fibre polycarbonate, ballistic nylon, Cordura, Kevlar and “aircraft grade aluminium”, the suitcases will provide “superior performance”, neXstep Luggage says.

The Telegraph lists other unusual travel gadgets developed in recent years, such as City Cab, a motorised suitcase that doubles a scooter for up to two passengers. It has three wheels, is powered electrically and has steering, brakes, lights, a horn, GPS device and theft alarm, and can reach speeds of up to 20 km/h.

The Telegraph

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