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Travel and tourism companies now have more choices for online branding


Today, EnCirca ( www.encirca.com ) is proud to offer the travel and tourism industry the opportunity to register its trademarks and brand names in several new industry-specific TLDs.



Let`s take a jaunt to discover the new generic travel-related TLDs. The following extensions are now available for registration:

• .agency

• .cruises

• .events

• .flights

• .holiday

• .international

• .rentals

• .travel • .vacations

• .viajes

• .villas

• .voyage

• .webcam

“Business owners want to protect their names to ensure their brand integrity remains intact in the presence of the multitude of new TLDs. And, the new generic travel and tourism domains are proving to be quite coveted,” says Thomas Barrett, President of EnCirca. “The .travel TLD has now been joined by more targeted extensions that can be leveraged by the travel and tourism providers.”

Some of the world`s hottest vacation destinations have also joined in on the new online advertising opportunities, including .nyc, .london and .vegas.

“Online marketing and search engine optimization is becoming more difficult for travel and tourism providers,” says Barrett. “We are bringing new marketing options to help tour operators, hotels and event organizers promote their online travel brand. It may be just what you need to stand out in the competitive travel industry.”

To explore all of the travel and tourism-related TLDs, visit EnCirca`s special travel industry page here:


EnCirca is an ICANN-Accredited domain name registrar, formed in 2001, that specializes in the creation, management and protection of domain names for businesses. It is an authorized registrar for all new TLDs. EnCirca has been serving the travel and tourism industry for over a decade, as the world`s leading .travel Registrar. Thousands of destination management organizations, travel agents, hotels and other commercial organizations already trust EnCirca as their official domain name Registrar. For more information, please visit www.encirca.com/register-domain-names/travel-page.shtml


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