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Travel and leisure employees most likely to tell lies


HR experts say travel and tourism employees more likely to lie

According to a poll by People Management magazine, almost 30% of HR people in the travel and leisure sector said they thought they were told more than 10 lies a week. Thus travel and leisure sector is the most deceitful sector, outstripping banking, media and construction sectors.

According to the survey, 92% of HR specialists in all sectors believe they hear lies every week, and 33% claimed the number of lies they hear is increasing.

Some companies use polygraphs to check staff for drink and drug problems, in cases of fraud or for criminal convictions.

“We don’t know the exact factors why workers in the travel and leisure sector might be so willing to lie, or whether these HR professionals’ perceptions match reality. But if lying is taking place on such a widespread scale, it has a detrimental knock-on effect on all sorts of areas – from employee engagement and levels of trust in the organisation to rates of fraud,” said editor of People Management Robert Jeffery.

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