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Travel agent thief found via Facebook


Employee stole €9,700 before going on the run

A travel agency employee who stole £8,000 (€9,700) before going on the run has been caught with the help of Facebook.

Craig Munnerley, 33, from Cheshire in the UK, is reported to have stolen the cash while working at a Co-operative Travel branch in Warrington in January 2013. CCTV showed him accessing the agency’s safe. Colleagues discovered the missing money the following day.

Munnerley had been working at the agency for three months. The accused did not show up for work the next day and did not tell anyone where he was going.

Munnerley changed his surname to Hilton, and ten months later an anonymous call led police to Scotland. Police officers found he had created a new Facebook account but had not made it private. He was arrested after posting his location on the site. He has been jailed for a year after pleading guilty to the theft.

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[pictured: Screen shot; courtesy Facebook]


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