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Travaddict releases new top 10 Europe tours in 2013


Each year TravAddict selects ten of the best Adventure Tours for all of the major regions around the world.

Europe is the first region to be released, and TravAddict’s 2013 top ten Europe tours include itineraries from the following tour operators: Topdeck Travel, G Adventures, Tucan Travel, Intrepid Travel, Travel Talk Tours, Busabout, Shamrocker Adventures, and Peregrine Adventures.

With a large range of new Adventure Tours being released in 2013, and thousands of tours to choose from, the trips that made the list are considered to be the best of the best:

1. Topdeck Travel 24 Day Spirit of Europe Tour
A wonderful and well-rounded itinerary for travelers looking to explore Europe for the first time. Visits: France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Vatican City, Monaco, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands & Belgium. Priced from:  $2940 USD per person.

2. Intrepid Travel 15 Day Baltic Experience Tour
The Baltic region is fast becoming a popular travel destination in Europe, and this itinerary visits many of the best destinations the region offers. Visits: Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Germany. Priced from:  $2595 USD per person.

3. Busabout Hop-on-Hop-off West Loop Tour
The length of this tour is determined by you. This itinerary is the perfect way to explore western Europe at your own pace. Hop on and off the coach as you please. Visits: France, Spain and Switzerland. Priced from $685 USD per person  *Price does not include accommodation.

4. Travel Talk Tours 24 Day London to Dubrovnik Tour
A great introduction to Europe along with a relaxing week of sailing through Croatia’s pristine waters. Visits: France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Croatia & Vatican City.  Priced from $2240 USD per person.

5. Peregrine Adventures 8 Day French & Swiss Alps Tour
This walking tour is perfect for those that love to be outdoors. Visits: France and Switzerland. Priced from $2890 USD per person. 

6. Tucan Travel 29 Day Eastern Europe Adventure Tour
This itinerary is a great way to explore Eastern Europe after years of being concealed behind the ‘Iron Curtain’. Vistis: Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, & Turkey.  Priced from $4339 USD per person.
7. Shamrocker Adventures 5 Day Celtic Rocker Tour
5 Amazing days around Ireland’s south and west coasts with a local guide. Visits: Ireland. Priced from $379 USD per person.  *Price does not include accommodation.

8. G Adventures 7 Day Tuscany Local Living Tour
This tour presents a unique opportunity to learn to shop for, prepare and enjoy Tuscany’s culinary delights. Vistis: Italy. Priced from $1299 USD per person.

9. Topdeck Travel 14 Day European Wonder Tour
A wonderful itinerary for a great introduction to Europe. Visits: France, Italy, Vatican City, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Netherlands & Belgium.  Priced from $1920 USD.

10. Intrepid Travel 10 Day Iceland Tour
This itinerary boasts geothermal hot springs, giant geyser eruptions, Europe’s biggest glacier, volcanoes, and giant waterfalls. Visits: Iceland.  Priced from $3185 USD.

For more information about TravAddict’s Top Ten Europe Tours for 2013, visit TravAddict.com.



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