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Transport not affected in Greece strike


But this is exception in ongoing anti-austerity strikes

Public transport is mostly unaffected in a general strike hitting Greece today – the first in 2013. Air traffic controllers are not on strike and buses are still operating, according to the BBC. However, this appears to be the only difference between today’s strike and earlier protests. It is likely to be an exception rather than a new trend in the ongoing wave of anti-austerity strikes in Greece.
The strike was called by Greece’s two biggest labour unions and comes a few days before international lenders are due to meet in Athens to discuss another instalment of the debt-ridden country’s bailout.
“The [strike] is our answer to the dead-end policies that have squeezed the life out of workers, impoverished society and plunged the economy into recession and crisis,” a statement by the private-sector union GSEE reads. “Our struggle will continue for as long as these policies are implemented.”
[pictured: Naxos, Greece]


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