Home News Train kills almost 50 reindeer in Sweden

Train kills almost 50 reindeer in Sweden


Incident occurred near Kaitum in Laponia region

Forty-eight reindeer have been killed by a speeding train in northern Sweden, transport officials say. The incident occurred on Saturday near the village of Kaitum in the Laponia region.

Collisions and near misses between trains and reindeer are common in this part of the country, especially in winter when herds migrate in search of food, but not in such numbers at one time. Apparently, the startled animals instinctively ran along the track instead of away from it, increasing the carnage.

“It wasn’t pretty to see,” reindeer rancher Ingmar Blind told the state-run SVT television.

In 2012, it was reported that a new high-speed rail line killed around 200 reindeer in its first three months in operation, one herder describing the train as meat grinder.

AFP / The Local

[photo by Jörgen Wiklund/imagebank.sweden.se]


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