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Train kills 200 reindeer in three months


New high-speed rail line cuts down reindeer “like meat grinder”

Passengers may be delighted by the new high-speed railway that runs between Umeå and Lycksele, but the local farmers are not. Since it opened three months ago, the upgraded line in northern Sweden has killed more than 200 reindeer as they easily wander onto the tracks. This is forcing reindeer owner Per-Mikael Jonsson to move to safer pastures. He says his complaints to the train service, Botniatåg AB, have been ignored.
“This year, they’ve provided a shuttle service from Lycksele and increased the speed of the train, so it’s like having a meat grinder that goes past,” he told SVT.
The train company currently pays 3,000 kronor for each reindeer hit, but this is not enough compensation for Jonsson, who regularly has to euthanize injured reindeer. He says he will now guide the reindeer into the mountains.
[pictured: Reindeer in Kebnekaise, Swedish Lapland; photo by Fredrik Broman/imagebank.sweden.se]


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