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Tourists watch for lobster season launch in Sweden


Visitors are ready for lobster safaris from September until April

Sweden’s much-anticipated lobster season starts on the first Monday after the 20th of September each year, falling on the 26th in 2011, and runs until the end of April. It is a period when fishermen and locals alike seek the “Black Gold” from the depths of the deep blue waters on the west coast. In these parts, lobsters grow slowly in the cold salty water, giving it a strong taste.
On a lobster safari anywhere along the Bohuslän coast, tourists can travel out to sea with an experienced skipper to help haul up the lobster pots and discover the catch before returning to shore to help prepare and then savour a self-sought supper.
[pictured: Freshly caught lobster in wooden container, western Sweden; copyright Fredrik Broman; Image Bank Sweden]


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