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Tourists spend night trapped in cable car


Mont Blanc cable cars stop working in high winds
An operation to rescue 110 tourists trapped in cable cars above the French Alps resumed this morning. Of the 110, 65 were evacuated by helicopter late last night, but the rescue had to be suspended when darkness and clouds made visibility poor. The remaining 45 tourists were left in the air.
The 45 tourists spent a cold night hanging above the glaciers of Mont Blanc, at an altitude of about 3,800m.
The cable cars stopped working on Thursday afternoon when cables became tangled in high winds, it was reported. Technicians are now trying to loosen the tension of the cables.
“We hope to get everyone on Friday morning,” said Georges Francois Leclerc of the Haute-Savoie department, adding that it was “a very complex operation”.
The stranded skiers were given water, energy bars and survival blankets.


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