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Tourists should be wary of Sweden’s old notes


Sweden has phased out old 20, 50, 1,000 kronor notes
Sweden has now phased out its old 20, 50 and 1,000 kronor notes, with June 30 the last day they were being accepted for transactions. But exchange services in foreign countries may still be handing them out.
Tourists visiting Sweden should be wary of which are old notes and which ones are still good, The Local has been told.
“I have had friends visiting this month from Ukraine, Mexico and Croatia. All had exchanged notes in their home country, but when they got here those notes weren’t valid anymore,” J Graigory, an American living in Stockholm, said.
“The Riksbank has done the world’s worst job of getting this money back from places so tourists don’t end up here with money they can’t use.”
Sweden’s Riksbank said it was not aware of any problem and had taken measures to make sure other countries were aware that the notes were going to expire. Old notes can still be redeemed by sending them to the central bank with a form, and the money will then be returned to the sender’s bank account in any country. A SEK 100 admin fee is charged.
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