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Tourists ready to join in lobster hunt


Companies offer safari tours in season that runs to April 30

Tourists are keen to get involved in lobster season, which started this week in Sweden, with companies offering safari tours. The season runs until April 30 next year.
“Tourists can go out with the commercial fishermen if they want to be involved,” Martin Rydgren of the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, tells The Local. “A lot of people are especially keen on trying to catch black lobsters. These are quite expensive to buy and are something of a delicacy.” Lobster hunting is “a tradition that goes way back,” he says.
There is no limit to a catch, but any crustaceans with a shell shorter than eight centimetres must be released. In the first lobster auction this season at the Gothenburg Fish Auction, police were on the lookout for illegal fishing. One of 70 lobsters auctioned off was below the minimum size. The first lobster to be auctioned sold for a record SEK 102,000 kronor (12) per kilo, after which prices quickly fell back to their regular level of 300 to 500 kronor per kilo.
The Local
[photo by Fredrik Broman/imagebank.sweden.se]


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