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Tourists pay for terror at USSR attraction


Tourists ambushed, blindfolded and interrogated

Tourists are ambushed, blindfolded and aggressively interrogated – and they pay for the experience, at a former Soviet bunker in the forests of Lithuania, not far from the capital Vilnius.

The Baltic country, which suffered badly during the Soviet occupation, is now giving brave tourists the chance to experience what interrogation and imprisonment was like under the USSR.

Before participating in the experience, which costs around €20 and is called 1984: The Survival Drama, visitors are asked to sign a document that includes the clause: “In case of disobedience participants may receive psychological or physical punishments.”

The experience begins as tourists are ambushed in the forest by the Red Army and taken into the bunker for a three-hour Soviet experience.

As this article describes, they are “marched through underground tunnels past barking dogs straining at their leads and forced to do manual labour. There is also a chance they will be questioned, intimidated and forced to salute the Soviet flag.”

Theatre producer Ruta Vanagaite, who set up the attraction, says that people often faint during the interrogation. She even had to fire some of the actors, who work alongside genuine former KGB officers at the site, for getting too involved in their roles.

Daily Mail

[photo courtesy SovietBunker.com]


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