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Tourists may face food shortages in Greece


Shortages of food and other items possible if Greece leaves euro

A leading economist has warned that tourists visiting Greece this summer may face food and fuel shortages if the country leaves the euro. At a travel forum held each year by Barclays Bank, Dr Brian Clark emphasized the “quite frightening” likelihood of Greece leaving the Eurozone. If this happened, he said, the currency would fall quickly in value, limits on the amounts of money tourists could take in and out of the country would be introduced, and there would be shortages of fuel and food. Major civil unrest would be a probability.
When Argentina defaulted on its debt in 2001, “people couldn’t get money out of the bank and the country had a non-functioning economy”, said Clark. “It was not a place you wanted to go on holiday.”
However, Greece is trying to reassure potential tourists. In a press release, Dr Andreas Andreadis, president of the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises, said: “We want to encourage international tourism and assure potential tourists that there has never been a better time to come to our country.” Around 80% of Greek people want to stay in the eurozone.
[pictured: South coast, Crete]


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