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Tourists in Thailand may be tagged in future


Wristbands would contain an electronic tracking device

Future trips to Thailand may come with an electronic ID wristband, the country’s tourism minister says. Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul revealed plans following the (as yet unsolved) murder of tourists David Miller and Hannah Witheridge in Koh Tao.

“When tourists check into a hotel they will be given a wristband with a serial number that matches their ID and shows the contact details of the resort they are staying in, so that if they’re out partying late and, for example, get drunk or lost, they can be easily assisted,” the tourism minister was quoted as saying.

The wristbands will contain an electronic tracking device, the minister said, and discussions are underway about a possible “buddy system” where tourists get local minders to look after them. The minister acknowledged that some tourists would not want to wear the bands, but said that most people welcomed the idea.

Daily Mail / Total Travel


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