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Tourism industry in Scotland celebrates NO


More travel professionals vote no than average population

In a poll at an annual travel trade summit in Scotland earlier this month, almost 60% of travel and tourism professionals who took part said they would vote no in the upcoming Scottish referendum on independence from the United Kingdom. Today the “no” vote has been confirmed by the rest of the Scottish people, in a ratio of approximately 55% to 45%.

Massive sighs of relief are being breathed by the UK government, the country’s allies, businesses and capital markets around the world.

Yet many in the trade voted in favour of independence, with 32% of the 500 tourism professionals at the earlier summit voting yes and 9% undecided.

Tourism is one of Scotland’s biggest industries, worth more than £11 billion (€14 billion) to the economy each year and supporting 200,000 jobs.


[pictured: St Andrews Castle, Fife; photo courtesy VisitScotland]


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