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Tourism confidence returns to Greece


Tourism revenues expected to return in 2013

Tourism revenues in Greece are expected to bounce back this year to levels before the Eurozone crisis, experts in the travel industry say. Tourism is the biggest sector in the Greek economy, accounting for about 17% of the country’s output.
The Greek Tourism organisation, SETE, says that tourism revenues are already increasing by up to 10% this year and a record 17 million visitors are expected this year.
“We are heading for a record year in terms of foreign tourist arrivals,” Andreas Andreadis, the organisation’s director, said in an interview with Reuters. “Our target of about €11 billion in direct revenues is feasible and we may even exceed it.”
He added that hotels, restaurants and tourism businesses have cut prices and upgraded their services. Also tourists who stay longer and spend more are anticipated this year, from markets such as Germany, the UK and Russia.
[pictured: South coast, Crete]


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