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Tourism boom in Iceland, Finland, Estonia


Report shows tourism is set for “solid growth” in 2017
Appetite for European tourism remains strong, highlighting the continued attractiveness of its destinations, a new report shows.
Iceland has seen the fastest growth (+54%) supported by a seemingly never-ending surge in air capacity, while Cyprus (+26%), Portugal (+25%) and Malta (+23%) are proving their success in battling seasonality.
Other top performers are Bulgaria (+19%), Finland (+18%) and Estonia (+13%), which have not been impacted by the same kind of security concerns that exist in other European destinations.
While Switzerland (+3%) reversed its past trend by taking advantage of its key position as a winter destination, Turkey (-8%) is still seeing a downward trend that began in 2015.
As for Europe’s largest source markets, most destinations saw substantial growth from Germany and France fuelled by the recovery of the Eurozone, while arrivals from the UK remain solid for now.
Several destinations are seeing a rebound in arrivals from Russia, such as Iceland (+157%), Cyprus (+122%) and Turkey (+88%). Overall, outbound travel from this market is projected to improve alongside the rouble’s expected recovery in 2017.
Following a 6% rise in US tourist arrivals in 2016, prospects for further growth look high in 2017. Encouraging economic conditions and a strong US dollar against European currencies are expected to entice more Americans across the Atlantic. Arrivals growth from China is also expected to remain steady.
Europe welcomed 615 million international tourist arrivals in 2016, a 2% rise compared to 2015.
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