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Operator sells “divorce trips” to Caribbean


Quick end for unhappy couples under sunshine and palm trees

Unhappy couples can now get a snap divorce in just ten minutes, as part of a package holiday to the Caribbean. The company arranges for a judge in the Dominican Republic who can finish the marriage in a ten-minute hearing, leaving the newly single men and women to soak up the sun on one the island’s alluring beaches, if they wish.
Air fares, hotel and paperwork cost around €5400. The service, offered by QuickdivorceUK.com, completes all the messy paperwork in a week, before the trip. A divorce in the UK can often take many months, but using the Dominican Republic option clients can fly out, see the judge the next morning and, if they wish, simply fly home the same afternoon.
Daily Mail
[pictured: Beach in the Dominican Republic; courtesy Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism]


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