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Top trends in meetings industry in 2013


IMEX Group predicts what will be hot next year

With 2013 just around the corner, the IMEX Group – organisers of the two IMEX exhibitions in Frankfurt and Las Vegas – have given their top predictions on trends for the year ahead. First of all, despite years of worries about the reverse happening, live events and face-to-face meetings are on the rise again. Recent research shows that face-to-face interaction improves creativity.
The use of gaming, or as IMEX puts it, “gamification”, as a new idea to engage, educate and excite will explode in 2013. Facebook social gaming, in-browser gaming, FourSquare and SCVNGR (social location-based gaming platforms for mobile phones) have put consumer and technology brands in particular in a hot spin. The aim is to spur loyalty, info-sharing, competition and excitement during meetings and events.
Another trend is destination brands getting personal. The multisensory, creative opportunities provided by social media platforms and new gadgets are causing a leap in brand personification. Costa Rica, for example, has a curious yet “cuddly” talking sloth.
Meanwhile, with mobile device use expanding so rapidly, event and meeting apps are becoming a business essential. In 2013, many apps will lose their free price tag and become “monetized” or at least carrying a charge for “premium”, full-featured editions.
Other trends include “green meetings” among a new generation of planners for whom caring for the environment is second nature, and public demand for companies in all industries to show openness and transparency in order to win greater loyalty.
[photo courtesy IT&CMA/CTW]


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