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Top meeting trends for 2013


Customised meeting packages are boosting demand

A number of trends are defining the meetings industry in 2013, according to Benchmark Hospitality International, a US-based hospitality management company. They found that, to start with, meeting demand is improving at an encouraging pace and many organisations have a positive outlook for 2013. There is positive direction with future bookings. However, group rates are on the rise with the increased demand, depending on the location and the market.
Meeting planning professionals are interpreting the industry’s Complete Meeting Package (CMP) as meaning “customised meeting package” – customised to their unique meeting needs and budget. Gone are the days when a CMP was one size fits all.
iPads and tablets connected wirelessly are the preferred means of taking notes in the meeting room rather than pen and ink. Conference facilities are responding with charging stations throughout the premises and meetings are increasingly active with texting and tweeting exchanges with meeting-related content.
Meanwhile, a healthy culinary trend in the meeting space continues, with attendees demanding gluten free, sustainable cuisine and even an authentic culinary experience reflecting the native cuisine of the participants. Secure environments and more breakout rooms are in demand in meeting spaces, and more teambuilding ideas are required. And there must be “value, value, value” with “plenty to do on property for attendees, up-to-date fitness and recreation, and strong WIFI signals throughout!”
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[pictured: Teambuilding events are a rising trend; photo courtesy TonyResort, Lithuania]


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