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Top 100 City Destinations Ranking


Euromonitor International released its annual Top 100 City Destinations Ranking 2017. According to the report:

– Prague is the 5th most visited city in Europe with 8.1 mn arrivals in 2016 and a predicted growth of 4.5% in 2016-2017. It is also the only Eastern European city amongst the most visited cities in Europe.
– Budapest records 9% growth in international arrivals in 2016-2017. The city attracted 3.5 mn visitors in 2016.
– Two Polish cities are included in the ranking: Warsaw (2.7 mn arrivals) and Krakow (2.6 mn).
– Two Russian cities are among the top most visited: St Petensburg (2.8 mn) and Moscow (4.5 mn). Although declining in the ranking, both cities see 2% in international arrivals in 2016-2017.
– Madrid is expected to outperform Barcelona in 2017, as it did in 2016, but the latter city remains the top destination in Spain. Both cities are increasingly struggling with overcrowding.
– Istanbul dropped four places in the global ranking, registering -5.8% arrivals in 2017. Antalya and Edirne also slipped down the ranking due to the changing perception of Turkey as a safe destination. The only exception in Turkey is Artvin, which bucks the trend as it remains popular with Georgians.
– The two strongest performing European cities in terms of international arrivals are both Greek: Heraklion and Athens

For further information, please download the full report here.


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