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Time running out for MH370 search


“It’s possible we’ll never find out what happened”

Experts are warning that time is running out to locate the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.

Colleen Keller, an American scientist who helped search for Air France flight AF447 after it disappeared and crashed into the ocean in 2009 while flying from Rio de Janeiro, said that even identifying the search area was a major challenge.

“We’re going to need some significant leads to find it,” she said. “The search area is so big.”

The difference in this case, compared to the earlier experience with the Air France crash, is the complete lack of information.

“It’s possible we’ll never find out what happened,” said oceanographer Mike Purcell. “I think there are just so many unknowns right now.”

The international land and sea search for flight MH370 now covers an area the size of Australia. China deployed ships to search new areas – south-east of the Bay of Bengal and west of Indonesia – as Thailand now says its radars may have tracked the plane heading towards the Malacca Straits then turning north and vanishing over the Andaman Sea.

Flight MH370 went missing on 8 March with 239 people on board. Distraught relatives of those on board are threatening to go on hunger strike unless Malaysia Airlines gives them more information.

BBC / SkyNews / Reuters

[image courtesy NASA]


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