Home News Tight security to hit rail networks too?

Tight security to hit rail networks too?


Train passengers face tough airport-style security

As if carefully scanning every passenger and every bag before they board an aircraft isn’t enough, tight security may soon be coming to trains too. In the UK, the government has published plans to use future technology in x-ray machines to scan large numbers of people – at least a quarter of all the country’s train and London Underground passengers. The scanners will look for explosives, knives and guns, scanning everything from bicycles to wheelchairs and false limbs. But the government stresses it wants to balance “the need to protect passengers with the need to travel freely and easily on rail networks.”
This means that “any screening methodologies proposed must not delay the passengers any more than they are currently as they pass through the station,” the Department for Transport says.
However, security detection experts say that the complexity of such a solution will make it hard to implement for the foreseeable future. Delays would be inevitable.
[pictured: Germany’s ICE high-speed train]


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