Home News Three attacks in US on one day

Three attacks in US on one day


One bomb injures 29, others fail to explode
Investigators are scrambling for clues after three separate attacks within 12 hours hit the USA on Saturday.
No one was killed, but an explosion in Manhattan’s busy Chelsea neighbourhood at around 20:30 injured 29 people and sent panicked people running for their lives. The blast came from a device planted in or close to a dumpster.
An intact pressure cooker was found blocks away. Both devices had cell phones as timers. No one has claimed responsibility but videos show the same man at both sites.
Also on Saturday evening, in St Cloud, Minnesota, a man wearing a security uniform entered a shopping mall, called to Allah and stabbed nine people before being shot dead.
Earlier in the day, at around 09:30 in Seaside Park, New Jersey, a pipe-bomb blew up in a garbage can, injuring no one. Two others nearby did not explode. These homemade bombs may have been aimed at disrupting a Marine Corps charity run.
World leaders are currently gathering in New York for a United Nations General Assembly debate.


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