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Threat of more strikes at Lufthansa


“There will be more strikes without negotiable offer”

The German union Verdi is keeping up the pressure on Lufthansa. It is threatening another round of strikes if the airline fails to give it a better offer on salaries before talks resume this week.
“If Lufthansa continues to refuse to present a negotiable offer that secures jobs and increases wages appropriately, there will be more strikes,” union negotiator Christine Behle said.
A second strike within the space of a month, on April 22, showed the power of the union as it mobilised 33,000 cabin crew and ground staff to stop work. The strike virtually grounded Lufthansa, costing the airline more than €15 million, according to industry estimates.
Verdi is demanding a 5.2% pay rise over 12 months plus job guarantees. Lufthansa says it cannot meet this demand as it tries to cut costs.
[image courtesy Lufthansa]


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