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Things travellers can’t live without


Asians need phones, westerners need credit cards

Westerners don’t want to forget their credit cards when they go on holiday, while Asians don’t want to forget their mobile phones, according to a new global survey by the Asia-based hotel booking site Agoda.com.

The survey asked more than 50,000 Agoda.com customers from around the world what they least wanted to forget on vacation. Asian and western travellers expressed different priorities about packing for a trip.

Of the travellers from Asia, 45% said their mobile phone was the one item they did not want to forget, with credit cards in second place with 29% of the vote.

But for Europeans and travellers from the Americas, credit cards were far more important than phones. Of travellers from Europe, 47% picked credit cards as the item they would least like to forget, and for travellers from the Americas it was 44%.

Only 19% of Europeans and people from the Americas picked mobile phones. The French had the biggest disparity between these two items – 58% picked credit cards, 9% phones.



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