Home News Thieves steal diamonds in airport raid

Thieves steal diamonds in airport raid


Diamonds worth €50 million taken in Brussels raid

Police in Belgium are searching for a gang of thieves who reportedly stole diamonds worth an estimated €50 million in a daring armed raid at Brussels airport. Dressed as police, the thieves used laser-sighted weapons, but no shots were fired. They targeted the cargo of a Swiss-bound plane and a diamond and jewellery services truck, holding up staff at gunpoint.
They took a package of rough diamonds and escaped in a vehicle disguised with a flashing blue light, immediately leaving the airport through a damaged fence. Police later found the burned-out vehicle close to the airport. The “rough stones” had been on their way from Antwerp to Zurich.
“It is clear that the perpetrators have acted highly professionally,” an official at the scene commented. “What we are talking about is obviously a gigantic sum.”
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