Home News Thieves steal crown from Västerås Cathedral

Thieves steal crown from Västerås Cathedral


Smash-and-grab criminals strike in overnight robbery

Thieves targeting Västerås Cathedral in central Sweden have stolen a 16th-century bronze sceptre and crown and a gilded wooden apple used during the 1592 funeral of King Johan III, son of King Gustav Vasa. The criminals entered the building overnight by smashing a window.
The stolen items had been positioned by the grave of Erik XIV, half-brother of King Johan III, who was buried in Västerås without such regalia in 1577. Around 200 years later, King Gustav III ordered that the sceptre and crown be moved to Erik’s grave.
“It is impossible to sell these things,” Kenneth Mandergrehn of the Rikskriminalpolisen, Sweden’s National Bureau of Investigation, said. Funeral regalia are copies of national regalia and probably not of much interest to collectors.
TT / The Local
[pictured: Engraving of Västerås, c.1700]


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