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Thieves beware!


In cooperation with the police, Oslo Airport will step up efforts this summer to make the airport a safe place for all travellers.

“Summer is unfortunately high season not only for tourists, but also for criminals, and like everywhere else in society, both the police and Oslo Airport see an increase in the number of thefts,” says Joachim Westher Andersen, media manager and press spokesman at Oslo Airport.

Traffic hubs like Oslo Airport are particularly vulnerable during the summer because passengers often travel with many valuables and extra luggage.

Keep an eye on your bags

The most important thing you can do to prevent your valuables from being stolen is to always keep your eyes on your luggage. This is especially true in the departures hall, where stress levels are higher and travellers are often more focused on finding their way around or checking in.

“It doesn’t take many seconds of inattention before your summer holiday can get off to a rough start. An open bag or a jacket hanging over a luggage trolley are easy targets for thieves,” says Police Superintendent Kristian Krohn of Romerike Police District.

“The thieves are professionals at what they do. They often work in groups and use different methods to conceal their actions and distract people who might see what they are up to. Victims should notify the police immediately when a theft has occurred. That way we will have a better chance of catching the thieves,” he says.

Information campaign

To combat the problem, Oslo Airport will be conducting an extensive information campaign this summer aimed at passengers and employees. Travellers will be greeted with information on the monitors in the departures hall, urging them to watch out for their valuables.

In addition, employees, particularly those who work in the departures hall, have been given information about what to look for and do. The police will be visible as usual in the terminal.

“We know how incredibly aggravating it is to have your valuables stolen even before your trip has started. We therefore urge everyone to think about this and be on guard against thieves,” says Westher Andersen.

Hide your valuables

Most thefts occur when people turn their back on their luggage to check in, find flight information or shop. People often leave luggage trolleys unattended, with their wallet, camera and computer in one easily accessible place. That might be convenient for the owner, but it’s also easy pickings for thieves.

“Bring your cart with you all the way up to the check-in machines or counter, and do not leave valuables out in the open. Keep them in your field of vision at all times. If everyone does that, we can join forces in making it difficult and less attractive for criminals to prowl around the airport,” says Krohn.


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