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Theme park aims to be world Viking capital


Viking theme park with big plans looks for investors
Thors Rike, or Thor’s Kingdom, a new Viking theme park near Bergen, has ambitious plans to attract visitors from all over the world by deploying rollercoasters, rides and ‘infotainment’.
The theme park in Norway’s county of Hordaland wants not just to be a “theme park in Viking costume”, as project leader Terje Devold puts it, but to educate visitors about Vikings and Viking history.
“There is much talk of rollercoasters and rides, but Viking experiences and a Viking ship will also be built. The aim is to take visitors a thousand years back in time while retaining the theme park aspect,” Devold told broadcaster NRK.
This part of western Norway is perfect for a large-scale Viking attraction, according to Vikinglandet Utvikling (Vikingland Development), the company behind the project, because of its unique Viking roots.
The company has secured land in Sveio municipality and is looking for investors, ultimately aiming to get NOK 200 million (€22.33 million) in investment capital by this summer. It already has experience in projects at the Tusenfryd theme park near Oslo.
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