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The workplace of tomorrow


Lufthansa Group tests innovative forms of working in administration within the pilot project “LH New Workspace”

Technological change and social trends such as digitisation, globalisation, diverse life models and demographic developments are changing how, when and where we work. Work-life integration, working from home and flexible working models are issues that human re¬sources managers now have to contend with. Companies are responding to these challenges by introducing innovative work arrangements and new work models. Infrastructure requirements, in the office for one, are changing, simultaneously.

Since October 2013, the Lufthansa Group has been testing different concepts for the workplace of tomorrow in an office and suchlike in administration within a pilot project labelled “LH New Workspace”. Two large departments at the Lufthansa Aviation Center (LAC) at Frankfurt Airport have been completely redesigned specifically for the test run. Corporate Controlling and HR Management staff will be subjecting this innovative workplace set-up to a rigorous trial in their day-to-day work routines up to mid-February.

The “LH New Workspace” transforms traditional office space into open-plan office landscapes, allowing staff to choose between different workplace options with functional modules for different activities and communal areas: A phone booth for undisturbed phone calls, a quiet zone to think things over and ‘discreet’ modules for colleagues to conduct confidential talks – these are just some of the spatial innovations that the new concept offers. Besides the re-arranging of office space, flexibility is a key issue in face of the growing trend towards mobile workplaces. Only 60 desks are available for the 90 staff taking part in the trial run, since another object of the project is to test whether new work concepts allow a better balance to be achieved between professional and private life.

Flexible and innovative workplaces benefit and challenge staff in equal measure. Accordingly, training and briefing sessions were conducted before the launch of the pilot project to familiarise staff with their new work environment and new technologies from Day One. Moreover, game rules were drawn up as a sort of etiquette for the staff to observe so as to make working together easier in the unfamiliar setup. Once the active phase of the project is completed, the measures will be assessed. The experience gained by the staff in the test run will show whether the “LH New Workspace” is fit for purpose in the working world of tomorrow. You may click here for pictures.


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