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The next big Asian tourism hotspot


Hainan to rival Singapore, Malaysia and Italy by 2021

The Chinese province of Hainan is on track to become one of the world’s leading tourist resort destinations by 2021, according to a new report by the World Travel and Tourism Council. By that date, the report claims, tourism expenditure in Hainan will be equivalent to that of Singapore today, while the industry will support as many jobs as it does in Malaysia and Italy now.
China issued a decree in December 2009 stating that Hainan would to be elevated into a world-class international destination by 2020. The government is now well on the way to reaching these goals, says the report, entitled “Hainan: Travel and Tourism Development Potential 2011-2021”.
International tourism expenditure is expected to grow by 12.6% every year to 2021 to reach $17.5 billion – comparable in size to Singapore’s tourism economy today. The contribution of travel and tourism should rise from 35% of the province’s GDP in 2011 to 46% by 2021. Hainan already outranks both Hong Kong and Macau in terms of the number of jobs supported by travel and tourism. It is on track to directly supporting almost a million jobs in travel and tourism by 2021 – roughly equal to Malaysia and Italy today.
Total visitor numbers in 2010 were almost 26 million, representing growth of 14% per year in the 15 years from 1995. No other destination in the world, whether province or country, has attracted such interest from so many different sectors of the industry, including virtually all the leading international hotel brands, in such a short space of time, the report states.
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[pictured: Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County, Hainan]


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