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The mystery of the airport antique teddy


Bristol Airport tries to solve mystery of bear and photo

After 14 months of trying to find the mystery owner of an antique teddy bear left behind in the departure lounge, employees at Bristol Airport in England are appealing for help. Even more intriguing is the photograph dated 1918 that was left with the bear.
The black-and-white photo shows two young girls together with what seems to be the same bear. A handwritten message on the back of the picture is to “our darling Daddie” from “your loving little daughter and Sonia”. The note is signed Dora and Glyn. Airport staff believe Glyn could be the name of the bear.
“We have tried unsuccessfully to locate his family, but drawn a blank,” the airport said in a statement. “We would love to reunite him with his family, can you help?”
[pictured: Photo of the “Bristol Bear” released by the airport]


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