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The London Eye – how this giant wheel works


The London Eye is the city’s giant Ferris wheel standing proudly on the banks of River Thames where people will not only enjoy 30-minute worth of a fun ride, but also the picturesque view that comes on every turn of the wheel.

Brainchild of David Marks and Julia Barfield of Marks Barfield, a husband and wife architecture team, the structure was visualized when a competition was organized by London’s Sunday Times in 1993 to call for monument ideas to mark the upcoming Millennium celebration, and the couple’s concept of a city-centered turning wheel that offers a unique bird’s-eye view of the city gained notoriety during the event. Today, the London Eye Tour is the number one paid tourist attraction in London that caters to millions of tourists visiting London since 2008.

However, the London Eye is not your typical Ferris wheel. For one, the passengers actually sit in fully enclosed capsules instead of dangling gondolas. In addition, the ride is also supported on one side only, which allows the wheel to hang over the Thames River.

The “A” shape steel that supports the London Eye with large tapered legs at the base allows the Ferris wheel to lean toward the river at 65-degree angle. Backstay cables are also provided to keep the frame from tilting into the river. Don’t worry, the ride is complete safe because the top of the frame is anchored and is buried in a concrete foundation that’s 108 feet or 33 meters deep.

If you’re on London Tour Holidays, you will notice that the London Eye resembles the design and the rotation like that of a bicycle wheel, but instead of manual turning, the structure is completely motorized. Providing energy to turn the wheel are the hydraulic motors driven by electric pumps.

The best thing about the ride is that the capsule has its own heating and cooling system and is fitted with special glass the can handle any weather disturbances. Plus, the capsules have built-in stability system which prevents the capsule to tilt on one side. This means that the capsule will stay level even if everyone moves to the other side. Now, isn’t that wonderful?

London Eye ride is also best when you’re having a London Tour by night. There’s just something about the city that makes it more enchanting especially when you’re seeing it from the London Eye.

Now, if you’re on London Tour Europe, be sure to drop by and experience the fantastic Ferris wheel ride in London Eye. For only £15, you’ll be able to experience one of the best sightseeing adventures that only London can offer.

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