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The London Dungeon starts again with a new level of gore


Come March next year, a new Dungeon will open at County Hall in the heart of the capital’s South Bank. In fact, online booking for the new Dungeon has already opened, with the attraction offering an early bird discount to those who book early.

When the London Dungeon changes address, it will find itself surrounded by other sightseeing favourites like the London Eye and London Aquarium. With this million-pound move, however, the Dungeon promises to deliver a new level of gore and terror that will scare visitors witless for decades to come.

The Dungeon has long been a favourite stop for many night time bus tours and ghost tours of London as well, and with the move, General Manager Ben Sweet promises “new shows and rides which are more dramatic and surprising, new scripts that are even funnier than ever, more theatrical costumes and styling, and more talented actors to play even more colourful villains and laggards.”

One of the new rides will take visitors on a boat ride along the Thames, letting those on board visit Sweeney Todd’s barber shop on Fleet Street, experience the terror gripping the city in the time of Jack the Ripper, and recall a millennium of London’s dark and terrifying history. A gut wrenching surprise also awaits passengers at the end of the ride.

Aside from the new rides, the Dungeon will also feature hi-tech special effects to wow guests, and 18 shows that are intrinsic to the London Dungeon experience. Guests will also be treated to a cast of historic characters, as well as giant cockroaches and rats that will get them squirming, squealing, and screaming. Put together, the new London Dungeon should provide an experience that “scream-out-loud scary and laugh-out-loud funny at the same time.”

Going on a London Dungeon night tour helps enhance this experience, amplifying both the hilarity and horror that guests witness. Simply book a London night bus tour that includes the London Dungeon as one of its stops, or head directly to the Dungeon yourself.

If you’d like to visit the Dungeon before the move, this holiday season is a great time to go. Though it may seem odd to include the Dungeon in your London Christmas tour, the experience is great fun, and should fit in nicely with other cheerful Christmas activities. In fact, we dare say that a visit to the Dungeon is a great (though slightly twisted and macabre) way to spend Christmas Eve at London.

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