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The first Riga Black Balsam Global Cocktail Challenge will host over 50 bartenders in Riga, Latvia

The first international bartending competition Riga Black Balsam Global Challenge 2015 (RBB Global Challenge 2015) will take place in Riga, Latvia, on November 25.
It will bring together more than 50 of the best bartenders from around the world, including the Baltics, Russia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Israel and others, to present their original cocktail recipes featuring one of the worlds’ oldest living bitters – Riga Black Balsam.
Competition is organized by Amber Beverage Group, the leading wines and spirits company in the Baltics and brand owners of Riga Black Balsam, in collaboration with the Latvian Bartenders Federation.  For more information about RBB  Global Challenge please visit challenge.rigablack.com.
“Apart from being one of the oldest bitter brands in the world, Riga Black Balsam today is a well-established premium international bitter brand represented in 25 global markets with more than 3 million bottles sold annually. This competition is an excellent opportunity to highlight the unique versatility and flavour qualities offered for bartenders and mixologists by this legendary bitter and its contemporary varieties – Riga Black Balsam Currant and Element. We are confident that the competition is just the first milestone for the annual event to be marked in a calendar of each bartender!” points out Valters Kaže, Chief Marketing Officer of Amber Beverage Group.
“Local competitions had been already held in major Riga Black Balsam markets internationally, and based on results we anticipate the top quality bartending event to commence in Riga this November,” states V.Kaže.
Raitis Akerblūms, the president of Latvian Bartenders Federation, is looking forward to see top international professionals in Riga: “It is an honour for Latvian Bartenders Federation to partner with the pride of the Latvian beverage industry – Riga Black Balsam. It is an opportunity to show the whole world our values, our hospitality and professionalism”.
International panel of bartending and beverage industry professionals will judge the competition. EUR 4,800 prize fund is committed for the winners of RBB Global Challenge 2015. The competition final will be open to accredited media and invited guests.
Note to editors: Media accreditation can be requested from Ms. Dana Hasana, dana.hasana@amberbev.com by November 10.
For additional information:
Dana Hasana
Head of communications, Amber Beverage Group
Mob.:+371 26355895
E-mail: dana.hasana@amberbev.com
About Amber Beverage Group
Amber Beverage Group, part of SPI Group, is the leading wines and spirits company in the Baltic countries of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.
Amber Beverage Group unites over 1,300 employees in seven companies across the Baltics, includ-ing the region’s leading producer of alcoholic beverages Latvijas balzams, market-leading distribution companies in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, a specialized retail chain of over 60 shops operating in Latvia and Lithuania and international logistics business.
Amber Beverage Group owns, manufactures and distributes over 130 brands including Stolichnaya® Premium Vodka, Riga Black Balsam®, Moskovskaya® Vodka, Grand Cavalier®, Moka®, Lucky Dog®, Cosmopolitan Diva®, Rigas Sparkling® Wines and many more.
The company exports to more than 160 global markets and offers 12,000 square meters of ware-housing space in Latvia  and 14,000 square meters in Lithuania.
Amber Beverage Group produces, bottles, markets, distributes, exports and retails a comprehensive range of spirits and wines with almost 500 brands.
Amber Beverage Group is an appointed distribution partner in the Baltics for such well-known compa-nies as William Grant & Sons, Remy Cointreau, Mast-Jägermeister S.E., Russian Alcohol Group, Berry Bros and Rudd, Beam Suntory, CEDC, Le Grand Chai Group, Heineken Intl, Marchesi de Frescobaldi, Concha Y Toro, Torres, Delicato Family Vineyards, KWV International, Freixenet, Pepsi and Red Bull.
About Riga Black Balsam
Riga Black Balsam is one of the best-known Latvian-made products and brands in the world with a documented history of more than 260 years. Riga Black Balsam bitters are  sold across 25 international markets, and over 3 million bottles are produced annually. Riga Black Balsam range includes classic recipe and several contemporary flavour versions – Riga Black Currant, original recipe enriched with blackcurrant juice, and rum-based Riga Black Element bitters.
The unique flavour of Riga Black Balsam results from twenty-four all-natural ingredients carefully selected and treated according to the traditional technology. It is composed of wormwood, linden blossoms and mint gathered in Latvia, as well as exotic ingredients such as bitter orange peel, Peruvian balsam oil and gentian root. The “soul” of the balsam and its base component is the infusion of 16 carefully selected botanicals infused in unique single-barrel process. The essence is later blended with natural juices, honey and the rest of ingredients including in-house burnt caramel to which Riga Black Balsam owes its special black colour.
Riga Black Balsam dates back to 1752, when Riga pharmacist Abraham Kunze crafted a beverage which is today recognized as an icon of Latvian craftsmanship traditions globally.
History of Riga Black Balsam is full of legends and true stories including the alleged miraculous qualities of the beverage that cured Empress Catherine the Great of Russia in 1764. Many famous people have been devoted to and inspired by Riga Black Balsam throughout the history – from politicians such as French president Charles De Gaulle and Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev to famous poets and musicians. Riga Black Balsam once inspired Goethe and Wagner, but today we had an honour to host at the old cellars rock music legends such as Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant and Queen’s Brian May.
More information about Riga Black Balsam: www.rigablack.com


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