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The driving force of Avinor airports

Avinor runs 45 airports throughout the country. Eight of these make a profit, and Oslo Airport plays an integral part in financing the smaller airports.
Norway is a long and narrow country with spread out population centres, located on the outskirts of Europe. This makes us more dependent on aviation than other countries. Having good and interconnected aviation services is paramount in this open and internationally focused economy with oil and gas activities, maritime industries and seafood industry. Aviation is also a key factor for people’s well-being all over the country. Without a good aviation service, it would be quite difficult to make long-distance trips for health reasons, as well as culture, sports and leisure trips to visit family and friends.
Avinor’s operations are self-financed, with profits from the larger airports financing operations at the smaller airports that are making a loss.
In 2016, Oslo Airport’s revenues were NOK 5.4 billion, which is about half of Avinor’s total revenue. The profit was NOK 1.9 billion. In 2016, approximately NOK 1 billion was used to cover the losses of about 37 regional, local and national airports. This contributes to maintaining Norway’s unique network of aviation with a total of 45 airports.
“It is important for Norway to have a well-functioning hub, which Oslo Airport is to us, and the profit from this is used to finance the rest of the Norwegian aviation network”, says Avinor CEO Dag Falk-Petersen.


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