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The biggest Snowmobile event in Finland 2017 at Oulu – Now Finnish Championship

On February 25-26th 2017 there will be organized ”Extreme Stadium Race”  Snowcross-event at the baseball stadium of Raksila sport center in Oulu Finland.
Last winter at the same place organized international invited competition was so great that the Finnish Snowmobile Association decided to give the Finnish Championship title at the 2017 Oulu Stadium Snowcross event.
The Finnish Championship race  takes place evening on the 25th of February 2017. This competition will then be the first ever, Finnish Championship of Stadium Snowcross. The Finnish Championship is open for any nationality so we will see all the best riders from Europe to fight for the championship.
Saturday afternoon there will be another race, Dominator is a head to head snowcross-fight. In this race the best riders from Europe will drive in pairs against each other. Only the winner will move on and the looser goes back to the audience. Finally there will be three fastest riders to fight the title of Dominator and the prize money.
National races of other classes; Semi-Pro, rookie-class, vet-class, woman, Junior 14-16, Junior 11-14 will be held on Sunday (26th). The toughest class on Sunday will be the Semi-Pro–class.
New this year in the event arena there will be the Winter Expo! Spectators can spend break times in the expo to find new ideas and get great offers from exhibitors at both event days.
On both race days there will be Freestyle Snowcross jump show represented by professional FSX-rider.
On Saturday there will be organized sledding gear auction. Anyone can bring their own sledding items to sell at the auction. Saturday night will end with an awesome fireworks display.
On Sunday there will be a magician to entertain the children.
All weekend the audience will be entertainment by race girls. The barbeque stands and restaurant tents will provide a wide range of food. Beer and drinks are also available.
International invite competition organized at last winter collected near 3000 spectator. Next winter organizers expect to see as many as 5000 spectators.
More information from www.snowcrossoulu.com


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