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The 8 apps you need to download before your next trip

To make it through the downtime of delays, the turmoil of terminals, and the inconvenience of botched itineraries, it pays to pack the right apps.
Proper planning spells the difference between a restful, worry-free holiday and a rushed, hellish trip. Fortunately, our smartphones and tablets hold the key to efficiency in the form of the apps loaded onto them. From trip planners and packing wizards, to crowd-sourced guides to hotels, restaurants and attractions around the world, there’s bound to be an application for every travel-related issue you might have.
Here are some apps to help you worry less and enjoy more.
1. PackPoint (iOS and Android: Free)
The packing list builder helps serious travelers by providing a checklist of essentials that they need to take with them based on length of travel, weather at the destination, and any activities planned during the trip.
2. Synchronize (iOS: Free)
Flying entails crossing time zones. The streamlined international clock lets you keep track of the time at your destination and back at home – and anywhere else in the world.
3. Flying (iOS: Free)
Keep track of all your flights with up­to­date information, revisit past flights and gain insights about your travel patterns. You can even share your experience about flights to anyone on Facebook and Twitter and find out who’s flown the most.
4. XE Currency (iOS and Android: Free)
This excellent currency conversion app offers up-to-the-minute exchange rates, letting you convert more than 180 world currencies on the go.
5. Expensify (iOS and Android: Free)
Attention business travelers: Expensify could possibly be your new best friend. The app allows you to manually track expenses, photolog receipts and import purchase information from your credit card. It keeps track of expenses in almost every currency in the world.
6. BringFido (iOS: Free)
Taking a trip with your beloved four-legged friend and looking for a pet-friendly hotel? This app, based on the world’s leading pet travel website, gives the lowdown on the best attractions and restaurants that welcome your furry children as well as local resources such as dog walkers, groomers, sitters, veterinarians, and pet supply stores.
7. SOAR – Conquer Fear of Flying (iOS and Android: Free)
A lot of people are afraid of flying, and much of that fear comes from the unknown. Based on the program founded by an airline captain and licensed therapist, the app provides techniques to combat this phobia, such as downloadable videos, relaxation tips and anxiety management courses. SOAR also lets worried passengers know of any turbulence ahead and even has a G-force meter to prove that turbulence is normally not a threat to the plane.
8.Helsinki Airport (iOS, Android and Windows: Free)
The app makes traveling even smoother and more efficient. Passengers can search for chosen flight departures or arrivals, and receive push notifications about changes to flight departures. It also offers a guide to the airport’s restaurants, cafés, shops and other services, maps of the terminals and parking facilities using your current location and information about border control and customs. It even gives the up-to-the-minute queuing time at security checkpoints.
[Source: Finavia]


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