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Thailand reports healthy tourist arrivals


Tourism one of few bright spots in Thai economy
Thailand continues to see growth in international tourist arrivals, rising 15% in January from the same month a year before as tourism expands within a sluggish domestic economy, Reuters reports.
Southeast Asia’s second-biggest economy has struggled since violent street protests took the country to the brink of recession in 2014. Tourism, which makes up 10% of Thailand’s GDP, has been one of the few bright spots.
Visitor numbers climbed to 3 million in January, with tourists from China supplying more than 800,000 arrivals during the month, up by over 250,000. The second- and third-biggest source markets are Malaysia and South Korea.
For the whole of 2016, the government is forecasting 32 million arrivals, up 7.1% from last year’s figure of just under 30 million.


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