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Thai Airways launches direct flights from India to Bangkok


With an objective of promoting bilateral tourism between India and Thailand, Thai Airways has started operating various flights between the two countries.

Thai Airways has established firm hold in the airline industry owing to its easy access, top notch services and economical tariff. Travelers can check the availability beforehand on the website and make the bookings accordingly.

Thai Airways has launched many international flights including Flights from Varanasi to Bangkok. Bangkok is one the most popular tourist destinations in the world that has gained widespread prominence in the past few years. From markets and monuments to palaces and temples, Bangkok has it all. This cosmopolitan city will certainly attract people from Varanasi as the flight operation has recently started. “The daily flight, which connects the capital of Thailand to one of the oldest cities in India, will certainly play a pivotal role in boosting up tourism in both the countries,” says the spokesperson of Thai Airways.

Similarly, Varanasi boasts of various temples, historical attractions and river banks that are considered to be holy by Hindus. Known as one of the holiest cities in India, the 4,000-year-old-city of Varanasi attracts a large number of pilgrims from across the globe. Hence, these direct flights from Bangkok to Varanasi will prompt many pilgrims to visit this holy city.

In addition, Thai Airways operates a daily round trip Flights from Gaya to Bangkok. Gaya and Thailand are popular among Buddhist pilgrims, thus these non-stop flights will promote Buddhist circuit tourism between these two countries. While the World Heritage Site- Bodh Gaya, the place where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment, is situated in Gaya, Bangkok is famous for its Buddhist temples. Hence, the direct flights between Bangkok and Gaya will facilitate the access of thousands of Buddhist pilgrims who want to achieve the path of enlightenment.

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