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Terrorism no longer passengers’ main concern


Survey: 24% of air passengers cite terrorism as major cause for concern

Technical safety and turbulence cause more worries for passengers than terrorism. This is the main conclusion of a new survey released by Travel Daily Media. A majority 54.2% cite technical safety as the main worry regarding air travel, followed by 42.4% who say they are more concerned by turbulence or adverse weather conditions. A further 33.9% cite the proficiency of the pilot and crew. Polling just 23.7%, terrorism is the fourth largest source of concern.
On the subject of current airport security measures, exactly half of respondents say they believe these to be “about right”. More than a third, however, believe that airport security is “too stringent” (28.3%) or “much too stringent” (8.3%). Only 13.3% think that security at airports is “too lax”.
Overall, a majority 88.4% say they feel “safe” or “very safe” when travelling by air, and almost the same number (88.3%) have never cancelled or postponed a flight due to safety concerns.


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