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Tense atmosphere continues in Bangkok


Explosives used against protesters injures 28 people

A very tense atmosphere continues to shroud Bangkok. An attack with explosives against anti-government protesters yesterday injured at least 28 people.

There is every likelihood that more attacks will occur, and foreign ministries around the world are warning nationals to keep away from the protests.

A protest leader said the attackers at the weekend were chased, but they escaped on mopeds while shooting at people chasing them. On Friday, a similar attack killed one person.

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has scheduled an election for February 2 in an attempt to end the confrontation.

But the protesters appear to have hardened their stance still further, demanding a complete overhaul of the system so that it is led by a non-elected council. They are camping out at major road junctions around Bangkok.


[pictured: Wat Pho, Bangkok; courtesy TAT]


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