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Telemark to bid for Winter Olympics


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Plans revealed to bring world sports event to Norway
Plans to take the Winter Olympics to Norway’s mountainous Telemark County in 2026 were revealed this week, including a number of innovations to the games.
Sports councils in two of the county’s towns, Tinn and Notodden, officially announced the proposal for the bid for the games, which would mainly take place around Notodden and Rjukan.
“We want to revolutionise the form the Winter Olympics has today,” declared Jonny Pettersen, head of the sports council in Notodden.
“We built the Gaustabanen in seven years, so we can manage an Olympics in nine,” he added, referring to the cable car inside Gaustatoppen Mountain, completed in 1959.
“Telemark has a proud cultural legacy and skiing tradition and is a famous name in the world of skiing. We want to bring the Winter Olympics back to its roots and to the people. We will focus on sustainable development in relation to UN climate targets and new technology that does not damage the environment.”
The team behind the bid argues that hosting the games would continue the legacy of Sondre Norheim, who back in the 1800s invented the Telemark ski, the prototype of all modern skis. The next stage of the bid is a viability study.
“We know that an Olympics is not cheap. […] We are completely dependent on state support for financing but hope to gain private investment too. We have not calculated it, but for [the withdrawn 2022 bid in] Oslo, there was talk of a price of around NOK 22 billion [€2.3 billion],” Pettersen said.
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