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Tech-packed airline seats to debut in 2019


Panasonic first-class seat full of high-tech features
Panasonic has designed a first-class airline seat packed with high-tech features, which should be on the market by 2019, Engadget reports.
The seat includes a 4K TV, user-set mood lighting and fully reclining chair, all of which be controlled via an app on the passenger’s phone. The seats also come with wireless phone charging, an HDMI input and built-in camera.
The ultra-tech product is called Waterfront and was revealed at the recent Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. It is Panasonic’s first move into high-end airline seats, which sees it team up with B/E Aerospace, Formation Design Group and Denny e-bike designer Teague.
The app allows passengers to program a video and music playlist and remembers the settings for the next flight. It adjusts the seat, puts up a ‘do not disturb’ sign with wake-up call time for the crew, and tells you where to claim your bags on arrival.


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