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Tallinn, Estonia: Conference support scheme extended

Anyone considering holding a large international conference in Tallinn by the end of 2022 will want to look into Estonia’s newly-extended support scheme, which offers to cover 15,000 to 30,000 EUR of the organising costs.
Financed by the EU’s Regional Development Fund and administered by Enterprise Estonia/Estonian Tourist Board, the Promoting Estonia as a Tourism Destination programme will reimburse organisers for a sizeable share of the expenses provided the events meet certain criteria.
To qualify, conferences have to be of an international nature, last at least three days, include a minimum of 500 overnight stays, involve a local or regional sightseeing element and help raise Estonia’s profile as a travel destination. Only not-for-profit events are eligible and only the Estonian-based organising committees can apply.
The programme’s budget is 300,000 EUR per year for the current funding cycle, i.e. 2015 to 2020, though the scheme can be applied to any event taking place through 2022.
The aim of the programme is to promote Tallinn and Estonia as a conference destination and increase the number of overnight hotel stays, especially during the low season.
Tallinn Convention Bureau


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