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Talking robots help out at Tokyo airport


Humanoid robots lend a hand at Haneda International
Humanoid robots with speech capabilities have been deployed at Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport to act as mobile information providers.
Built by Hitachi, the EMIEW3 robots are at present being activated on a trial basis with plans to deploy them full-time by the end of this year.
About 90cm tall and roving the airport on wheels, the robots are equipped with artificial intelligence technology that enables them to reply verbally in a number of languages to questions posed by travellers.
They are also able to share information with other EMIEW3 units, and if they are accidentally knocked over they can independently resume a standing position, according to Hitachi.
Remarkably, they can interpret the movements of a human and autonomously initiate interaction as well, asking if a traveller needs assistance for example if he or she is seen consulting a map.
Hitachi says there are plans to further develop even more advanced robots that can exist symbiotically with humans to a greater degree.
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