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SWISS unveils new “SWISS Traditions” culinary concept


Swiss International Air Lines will be introducing “SWISS Traditions”, a new culinary concept for its Business Class passengers on European services.

The new program of inflight catering is centered on a series of classic Swiss dishes, which will be supplemented by further delights associated with particular Swiss traditions and cultural events.
As the airline of Switzerland, SWISS puts a clear emphasis on the quality of the food and beverages that it serves aboard its flights. To this end, SWISS works closely and continuously with Swiss-based producers and top chefs from all over the country to present a range of inflight food that showcases the best of Switzerland’s cuisine. With its award-winning “SWISS Taste of Switzerland” inflight culinary concept and the new “SWISS Traditions” program that will be launched for its European flights soon, SWISS offers regional specialties from all over the country aboard its flights.
At the same time, SWISS also collaborates with some of Switzerland’s best-known brands and renowned hotels around the world to offer dishes of equally outstanding quality to its guests from other cultures. The result of all these endeavors is a range of inflight catering that deftly reflects both SWISS’s strong Swiss roots and the global scope of its air travel services. Signature items served aboard include Lindt & Sprüngli chocolate, Mövenpick ice cream, Balik salmon and dishes created by The Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong.
Travelers with particular food needs or wishes can also order any of a wide range of special meals in advance of their flight.
New “SWISS Traditions” culinary concept
From 22 February onwards, SWISS will be putting an even stronger emphasis on its home country’s culinary heritage. In future, Business Class travelers on SWISS’s European services will be offered classic and popular Swiss dishes that are prepared from original recipes using quality regional ingredients, such as a typical mushroom risotto of Canton Ticino or a Bündnerplatte featuring Canton Grisons’ famous air-dried beef.
In addition to these classic Swiss dishes, SWISS guests will be treated to a range of further inflight delights that have their origins in well-known Swiss national and cultural events. Every eight weeks, the carrier will feature a new event of this kind on selected flights. The cycle will begin with February’s focus on Basel’s loud and colorful “Fasnacht” carnival, for which inflight guests will be offered such local specialties as Basler Mehlsuppe (flour soup), Käsekuchen (cheese tart) and Basler Läckerli mousse.
SWISS Taste of Switzerland
The new “SWISS Traditions” concept will complement the existing and popular “SWISS Taste of Switzerland” inflight culinary program, which will now be restricted to First and Business Class on long-haul flights from Switzerland. The award-winning service concept SWISS Taste of Switzerland pampers passengers with culinary specialties from the country’s cantons. This successful, popular hospitality concept won SWISS the prestigious Mercury Award from the International Travel Catering Association. Currently, SWISS First or Business passengers can enjoy culinary delights from the region of the Bernese Oberland. Executive chef Jan Leimbach – with 17 GaultMillau points to his name – has prepared his unique, perfectly balanced “Well-Flavour” cuisine for guests of the Lenkerhof for the last five years. The Lenkerhof is Switzerland’s most youthful 5-star Superior Hotel in the magnificent Bernese Oberland.
A recipe of the current SWISS Taste of Switzerland menu: Cod wrapped in Parma ham, created by Jan Leimbach from the Alpine Resort Hotel Lenkerhof
Further information is available at www.swiss.com.


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