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SWISS adds Live Chat and Chatbot to its range of customer services


SWISS is marking Switzerland’s first Digital Day by presenting advanced new digital service products that will further enhance its customers’ air travel experience.

The airline will be unveiling its first-ever “Chatbot”, which will be introduced next year to accompany and assist guests throughout their trip; and customers can already make use of the company’s “Live Chat” facility to obtain real-time answers to any questions they have while booking their flight online at swiss.com. SWISS will be on hand at Geneva and Zurich’s main rail stations and at Zurich Airport on Digital Day to showcase its various digital products and services and the many job opportunities that the company offers in the digital field.
As a founding member of digitalswitzerland, SWISS will be well to the fore at the first Swiss Digital Day (Tuesday 21 November), presenting a range of digital initiatives and innovations that are all designed to further enhance its customers’ air travel experience and to bring greater efficiency to its employees’ day-to-day work in the air and on the ground. The prime focus here will be on various information technologies that support the SWISS customer by offering a series of digital and personalized products and services throughout the travel chain.
Chatbot and Live Chat: new digital assistants for SWISS customers
To meet its customers’ specific wishes and needs even more effectively in an increasingly digitalized world, SWISS will be introducing a new “Chatbot” in the course of next year that will enable travellers to rebook their own flights in the event of any irregularity. The new Chatbot will offer immediate assistance 24 hours a day via Facebook’s Messenger facility. The customer can access the Chatbot using their Facebook account or a dedicated mobile phone number, and will then identify themselves with their last name and their ticket or reservation number. The new Chatbot should be gradually expanded with the addition of further service functions, and should also be extended to other communications channels and Messenger apps.

SWISS customers can already engage in a live chat with a service agent when making their booking online on the company’s swiss.com website. The “Live Chat” facility, which was introduced a few months ago, provides real-time answers to various customer questions on such issues as fares, travelling with pets and rebooking flights.
SWISS’s presence at Digital Day
SWISS will be presenting its various digital products and projects at Zurich Main Station, Geneva Cornavin Station and Zurich Airport on Switzerland’s first Digital Day on Tuesday 21 November. At Zurich Main Station SWISS is teaming up with the Swiss Federal Railways and the Swiss postbus company to present the increasingly digitalized mobility world. Thanks to VR goggles and travel guide displays, visitors will be able to embark on their own digital journey to virtually experience SWISS’s products, services and destinations. The company will also be presenting its wide range of professions in the digital field, along with the relevant entry opportunities. At Zurich Airport SWISS will be working with Flughafen Zürich AG to offer a behind-the-scenes look at the airline and its home-base airport. Visitors here will be offered interesting insights into such facilities as Mission Support, which offers the company’s cockpit crews various forms of inflight assistance, such as helping to negotiate adverse weather or advising on the optimum arrival times for flights carrying numerous passengers with onward Zurich connections. Visitors will also be able to try out a flight simulator app and find out more about the FlyPad, the tablet device that SWISS will be issuing to all its cabin personnel from next month onwards. At Geneva Cornavin Station SWISS will be putting a firm focus on its new short-haul aircraft, the Bombardier C Series. Visitors will be able to view a number of videos and simulations that provide an authentic virtual experience of the new aircraft family, whose advanced technologies and high comfort credentials are proving very popular with passengers.


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